C64 Remixed

Photo by Axel Napolitano

I can remember those times where you turn on your computer, put in a floppy disk, grab a cup of coffee or tee while the game loads and the beautiful sound of the SID chip, a cheap synthesizer chip, comes through the speakers.

I’ve picked a bunch of my favorite game soundtracks and remixed them as an homage to the original SID tune creators and for my own fun. These tracks are non-commercial and they are available for free of charge listening on this web page – anyway they’re still copyrighted and should never be published on commercial (paid) platforms or media.

Please respect the creators of this music and link this page instead of copying (pirating) its content. Thank you very much.

mm About Axel Napolitano Hobby producer, DJ, certified scrum master, gadgeteer and coffee-addicted. A solid 18+ years experience within the IT industry and a strong track in all relevant roles from development to architecture makes him unique.